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Tiramisu -infused with *CPTG essential Cinnamon Oil

Tiramisu-*CPTG Cinnamon essential oil

Serves 6-12

12 lady fingers

1 cup espresso

2 ounces Cognac

2 cups  heavy cream plus one cup Marscapone cream with 2 drops of *CPTG Cinnamon essential oil-plus 2 ounces of cognac

whip with 2 TBS. Of Raw sugar to stiff peaks

4 ounces of shaved Dark Chocolate

Layer a 10 inch cake pan with one row of lady fingers

Drizzle espresso over cookies top with some of the shaved chocolate -distribute some of the infused cream over the top

Top with shaved chocolate

Repeat layering the next layer of lady fingers -drizzle espresso and top with infused cream then remainder of shaved chocolate

Place in refrigerator for 12 hours

Scoop in  desired portions

Note: *use only CPTG essential oils that are food grade and for internal use


Basa Fish Mediterranean -with *CPTG essential Lime oil

Basa Fish with *CPTG Lime essential oil

Serves 4

4 filets-5-6 ounces each of Basa Fish

1 cup Mayonnaise

2 drops of *CPTG essential Lime oil-mix in a separate bowl with mayonnaise and sea salt

seasoned Bread crumbs-1 cup-pinch of sea salt

4 ounces of Chef Chasky’s “Limited Reserve EVOO”

Coat fish filets with infused mayonnaise

Dredge in bread crumbs

In a sauté pan on high heat-sear coated fish filets-both sides

In a preheated oven of 350f -place seared filets on oven proof dish and cook for 15 minutes to get internal temperature up to 160f-remove from oven and serve with choice of starch and vegggies

Place on dinner plates

Note: use only CPTG essential oils that are food grade and digestible


Chicken Marsala infused with *CPTG-Rosemary oil

Chicken Marsala with *CPTG Rosemary oil

Serves 4

2 Chicken Breasts-butterflied and sectioned into 4’s

1 egg whisked

Seasoned bread crumbs

sea salt-1/8 tap.

Parmesan cheese-1/2 cup

One cup yogurt

2 drops of *CPTG Rosemary essential oil

1 cup sliced mushrooms

1/2 cup sliced shallots

1 cup Marsala wine

4 ounces Chef Chasky ‘s “Limited Reserve EVoo”plus 4 more ounces

mix yogurt/egg and *CPTG Rosemary oil together-blend well

Dredge chicken in wet mixture -then dredge in bread crumbs with added sea salt

Using 4 ounces of Chef Chasky’s “Limited Reserve Evoo”

On high heat-Sauté mushrooms and shallots until slightly opaque

Add dredged Chicken and a little more EVoo sear Chicken until slightly brown -add Marsala wine and reduce to simmer-cook for 5 minutes

*Note: use only Essential oils such as DoTERRA as they must be digestible and food grade


Recipes : Capresse Heirloom Tomatoes n Buffalo Mozzerella

Capresse- Heirl0om Tomatoes and Buffalo Mozzarella

Serves 4-6

slice 4 – 8 Heirloom Tomatoes in 1/4 inch slices

slice 2 balls of fresh  Buffalo Mozzarella in 1/4 inch slices

Layer each interchanged -like dominos

Add 2 drops of *CPTG Essential  basil oil into Chef Chasky’s “Limited Reserve Evoo” -shake prior to drizzling -drizzle on top -cracked pepper from mill and drizzle lightly aged balsamic vinegar

Sprinkle sea salt-add olives of choice and garnish with sliced basil leaves

*Note: only use essential oils that are for internal use and are food grade

Pumpkin Pie with *Pure Essential oils of Cinnamon, Cardamom and Clove

Pumpkin Pie with *Pure Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Clove Digestible essential  oil

Serves 6-8

Note: *All recipes require the use of 100% pure organic Pure digestible Essential oils for internal use only  -these oils  are available for purchase from Chef Craig

One can of pure pumpkin 15 ounces

One natural pie crust

12 ounces of Almond milk with 1/2 cup agave syrup-mix well

Pinch of sea salt

Add only one drop each of Pure essential oils of Clove, Cinnamon and Cardamom to the water of the following mixture to be prepared

 Mix 3 TBS spoon  of egg substitute ( best is Chia /chickpea mix) with 6 TBS of water -mix well-set aside

Preheat oven at 350 f

In a mixing bowl add all ingredients( not the pie crust-lol)

Blend all ingredients well pour into pie crust and bake for 50 minutes

Remove from oven and allow to set up for 10 minutes prior to cutting

Serve it up!!! Whipped cream is great  with it

“Fortify yourself and then others”

Free Range Turkey with *Pure digestible Marjoram, Thyme and Lemon oil

Free Range Turkey with *Pure Digestible Essential oils of Marjoram, Thyme and Lemon

Serves 6-8

*Note: All recipes require the use of 100% Pure digestible organic Essential oils -these oils are available for purchase from Chef Craig

Season a 4-5 lbs. Free range whole Turkey Breast with Cracked Pepper and sprinkle Sea Salt over the breast sparingly

In an oven proof pan cook 20 minutes per pound at 350f in 2 cups of turkey broth

In a small bowl -take 1 cup  of the cooked broth-add 2 TBS. Of Brown Rice flour and whisk it to make a slurry adding  Add Only one drop of each of the following Pure organic essential oils -note if mixture is too thick add more broth

Add these oils -remember only one drop they are 50 times stronger than fresh herbs (Marjoram, Thyme and Lemon)

Remove breast from pan slice into 1/4 inch slices or thicker if you like -drape thickened gravy over the cooked breast -serve it UP!

“Fortify yourself -then others”

Cranberry Chutney with *Pure Essential Oils Wild Orange/Lime /Lemon

Cranberry Chutney with *Pure digestible Organic Essential oils of Wild Orange, Lime and Tangerine

Serves 4-6

Note :*All recipes require Pure 100% Digestible Food Grade Essential oil for internal use- these oils are available for purchase from Chef Craig

2 bags of fresh organic Cranberries -washed -drained set aside

1 cup of Fresh orange juice-with 1/2 cup agave syrup

Pinch of sea salt

Zest of entire orange

4 ounces of additional orange juice with only one drop of each oil

Wild Orange, Lime and Tangerine

8 ounces of Orange marmalade -no sugar added

In a large sauce pan heat the orange juice with the agave (not the infused juice yet)

Add cranberries, zest, sea salt and marmalade -bring to a boil and toss with wooden spoon-turn heat down to a medium simmer

Cook for 9 minutes until cranberries are soft in texture

Turn off and add infused mixture-toss again

Serve it up!!!

“Fortify yourself-then others”

String Beans with Wild Orange/Lime/Tangerine *Pure Essential Oils

String Beans with *Wild Orange/Lime/Lemon Pure Essential oils

Serves 4-6

Note: * All recipes require that you use only Pure Digestible Organic Food Grade Oils that are 100% Pure in nature-these oils are available from Chef Craig-message the chef or call for an appointment

2 pounds of snipped Green beans snipped-washed -drained

In a steamer -steam green beans for 5 to 7 minutes -remove and place in an ice bath to shock the beans -allow the beans to chill thoroughly

Drain and set aside

In a large sauté pan heat 6 ounces of fresh orange juice

In a cup add only one drop of each oil-Wild Orange/Lime  to 4 more ounces of fresh orange juice -whisk and set aside

Add cooked beans to sauté pan and heat on medium high for 7 minutes

Add sea salt to taste and cracked pepper from mill

Add infused orange juice mixture-turn off heat and toss gently

Serve it up!!!

“fortify yourself -then others”

Sweet Potato Soufflé with Ginger /Juniper Berry/LemonGrass Pure Essential Oil

Sweet Potato Soufflé with Ginger/Juniper Berry and Lemongrass Pure Oil

serves 4-6

Note: *All of these recipes require that you use only Pure Organic digestible-food grade Essential oils that are indeed digestible

*all of these oils are available from Chef Craig-message or call to setup an appointment

4 Sweet Potatoes washed-Skin on  -bake in oven at  350F for 55 mins.

Remove allow to set for 10 minutes

In a mixing bowl mash with potato masher until uniform-

Add 2 cups of almond milk

Add One drop of each Pure essential oil of Ginger/Juniper berry and Lemongrass to 4 TBS. Of Safflower oil-add to potatoes and mix well

Add and blend in 4Tbs of Stevia -Sea Salt to taste and Cracked Pepper from mill

Using an electric mixer blend well to a whipped-Soufflé

Place in and oven proof bowl and rebake at 350f for 15 minutes

Serve it up!!! “Fortify Thyself and others”

Dark Chocolate Mousse with Lavender or Cinnamon oil courtesy of doterra

Dark Chocolate Mousse Infused with *Pure Essential Lavender oil or Cinnamon or Peppermint oil

Serves 6 to 12

*Note: All recipes use 100% pure therapeutic grade organic essential oils labeled for internal use -Do Not use oils unless you have oils approved for internal use-Chef Craig has access to order all of these for you at Wholesale prices

16 ounces of Dark Semi sweet Chocolate(70% at least)

Double boiler (dry bowl for chocolate-vessel with water below)

4 eggs separated-whisk egg yolks and sugar listed below till a ribbon is formed -7 minutes on high speed with an electric beater

-whisk egg whites till stiff in separate bowl-set aside

tsp pure vanilla extract

1/4 cup raw sugar or light brown

Pint of Heavy cream for whipped cream accompaniment(whip with Vanilla extract till peaks form and set in refrig)

Melt chocolate in double boiler-add yolk mixture with 2 drops of either Pure Essential Lavender or Cinnamon oil from Chef Craig ( choose one) or 1 drop of Peppermint oil (Pure Essential Oil from Chef Craig Note:Peppermint oil from  is very strong only one drop will suffice )

 fold in with spatula till blended-remove from heat -fold in egg whites

Fold in and add  1/2 of whipped cream ( reserve the remaining whip cream for garnish

Set in refrigerator for 6  hours prior to serving

Place a 4 ounce serving of chocolate mousse in each serving dish

Top with fresh raspberries and a tsp. Of whipped cream

Serve it up !!!

“Fortify Yourself” Then others”