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Health & Wellness and Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

I realized after my battle with Lyme Disease in the 70’s that 99% of synthetic meds were and did destroy my intestinal flora as well as decreased my ability to thrive on certain nutrients such as proteins, amino acids and supplements.This resulted in fatigue, memory loss, loss of sight lack of muscular, skeletal mobility.

The need for a breakthrough in getting on the right path was definitely a plea of prayer and desperation. I was fortunate to have found a doctor of alternative healing whom turned me on to a Rhizome (root based Phytonutrients). After diet changes and application all from plant derived oils -which I utilized both topically,aromatically and ingesting. Within in 6-1/2 months I was on my way to optimal health.

This testimonial of mine that I true and having beat the odds….I am convinced that Pure Organic Therapeutic Essential Oils that are food grade have properties that I am continuing to discover the power of Phytonutrients -Plant based oils that come from indigenous areas of the world that have the best soil, climate and practice of pesticide free agriculture.

After 45 years of Culinary Arts -I utilize the oils that are food grade in my recipes -thus resulting in permeation of cuisine that enhances and adds therapeutic benefits…. Thus adding to ones health and longevity

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Disclaimer: I do not prescribe nor claim any and all results from these oils -I can only offer you my testimony as well as others that have offered theirs.

Discover Cooking with Essential Oils

Please always follow label instructions of your essential oils. The brand I use, most essential oils can be used internally and my kitchen cabinet features a great variety of essential oils to:

…by adding them to drinks, appetizers, main courses, and desserts!

Professional Chefs & Chefs at Home

Chefs of many fine restaurants, personal chefs, nutritional coaches and people simply loving to cook a healthy meal have discovered the value of fortifying recipes with 100% pure, therapeutic grade, digestible essential oils. It is an art to create beautiful recipes that are delicious and attractive but at the same time also fortifying and nutritious on many levels. Essential oils can support Chefs at all levels in reaching their ultimate goal! Adding just one drop of an essential oil to a dish will elevate the flavor to a new level as well as add health benefits such as increasing antioxidant intake, aiding in the digestive system and the respiratory system, act as a cleansing agent, and many others as you can see from the chart provided below.

Suggestions for Cooking with Essential Oils

Basil Essential Oil sauces
Black Pepper Essential Oil season
Cilantro Essential Oil salsa
Cinnamon Essential Oil desserts
Clove Bud Essential Oil desserts
Coriander Essential Oil sauces
Fennel Essential Oil sauces
Ginger Essential Oil asian
Lavender Essential Oil desserts
Lemongrass Essential Oil thai
Lemon Essential Oil seafood, veggies
Lime Essential Oil seafood
Marjoram Essential Oil poultry
Oregano Essential Oil sauces
Peppermint Essential Oil BBQ, chocolate bark
Rosemary Essential Oil meats, veggies
Thyme Essential Oil pork, fish, dips
Wild Orange Essential Oil cookies, desserts

Essential Oils You Can Add to Water, Smoothies & Other Drinks

Frankincense Essential Oil
Geranium Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Grapefruit Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil
Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
Wild Orange Essential Oil
Digestive Blend
Protective Blend
Metabolic Blend
Zendocrine Essential Oil

ONE drop is sufficient for most recipes! Less is more with essential oils. They are very potent and should be used sparingly. Sometimes it might be sufficient to put a toothpick into the essential oil and stir that in your food or drink. When adding essential oils to a cooked dish, add to the outside of the pan or pot, at the end of the cooking period. Let simmer for only a minute, stirring to blend with the food. Essential oils have a very low smoke point.