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Cedar Planked Wild Salmon with

Tri Citrus -3 DoTERRA Oils

One side of a 16 to 18 ounces of Wild Caught Salmon-filet

1 Organic Cedar Plank soaked over nite in water

1 of each-small orange, lime and lemon-sliced in rounds then cut in half

8 ounces of fresh orange juice in a glass jar -add one drop of each doTERRA oils

Orange oil, lemon oil and lime oil-shake infused juice well

Heat Grill on medium heat or pre heat oven to 350f

Spray Cedar plank with non-stick spray place salmon skin side down on plank-sprinkle sea salt on top and cracked pepper from mill

Layer cut fruit on top of salmon alternating each type till Salmon is covered-spray with non stick oil on top -place on Grill or in oven -(in oven on cookie sheet)

Cook for 10 minutes -then drizzle half of infused mixture on top of Salmon and continue to cook for 10 minutes-add remainder of infused orange juice And continue to cook  for 2 minutes –

Remove and let set for 3 minutes -portion equally and serve with favorite rice or grain of choice

“Fortify yourself “-“then others”

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