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Tiramisu -infused with *CPTG essential Cinnamon Oil

Tiramisu-*CPTG Cinnamon essential oil

Serves 6-12

12 lady fingers

1 cup espresso

2 ounces Cognac

2 cups  heavy cream plus one cup Marscapone cream with 2 drops of *CPTG Cinnamon essential oil-plus 2 ounces of cognac

whip with 2 TBS. Of Raw sugar to stiff peaks

4 ounces of shaved Dark Chocolate

Layer a 10 inch cake pan with one row of lady fingers

Drizzle espresso over cookies top with some of the shaved chocolate -distribute some of the infused cream over the top

Top with shaved chocolate

Repeat layering the next layer of lady fingers -drizzle espresso and top with infused cream then remainder of shaved chocolate

Place in refrigerator for 12 hours

Scoop in  desired portions

Note: *use only CPTG essential oils that are food grade and for internal use


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