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Dark Chocolate Bark infused with Pure Therapeutic Grade Organic *Cinnamon oil for internal use

Dark Chocolate Bark infused with Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Cinnamon or Lavender oil

With Bing cherries

Serves 4/6/8

*Note: All recipes use 100% pure therapeutic grade organic essential oils that are labeled for internal use.Do Not follow recipes unless you have oils approved for internal use. These oils are available from Chef Craig at wholesale pricing.

8 to 10 ounces Dark Chocolate morsels-

Double boiler-

Place Chocolate in bowl -double boiler (water in vessel below -dry bowl on top w chocolate

and heat over medium heat until smooth and uniform in texture-remove from heat -set aside

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper -spray with coconut oil lightly

Add 2 drops of your choice either *Pure Essential oils that are labeled for internal use Lavender oil or Cinnamon oil  to smooth chocolate- fold in with a spatula until well blended

Pour chocolate onto parchment paper evenly and then Top with unsweetened Bing Cherries every inch apart

Place sheet in freezer for 15 minutes -remove and break apart for the amount of guests served

*note: for the holidays try *Pure essential Peppermint oil from -1 drop

“Fortify Yourself “-“Then “Others”


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