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Cranberry Chutney with *Pure Essential Oils Wild Orange/Lime /Lemon

Cranberry Chutney with *Pure digestible Organic Essential oils of Wild Orange, Lime and Tangerine

Serves 4-6

Note :*All recipes require Pure 100% Digestible Food Grade Essential oil for internal use- these oils are available for purchase from Chef Craig

2 bags of fresh organic Cranberries -washed -drained set aside

1 cup of Fresh orange juice-with 1/2 cup agave syrup

Pinch of sea salt

Zest of entire orange

4 ounces of additional orange juice with only one drop of each oil

Wild Orange, Lime and Tangerine

8 ounces of Orange marmalade -no sugar added

In a large sauce pan heat the orange juice with the agave (not the infused juice yet)

Add cranberries, zest, sea salt and marmalade -bring to a boil and toss with wooden spoon-turn heat down to a medium simmer

Cook for 9 minutes until cranberries are soft in texture

Turn off and add infused mixture-toss again

Serve it up!!!

“Fortify yourself-then others”

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